Alliance for Inclusive AI

Join Us in Balancing the Power in Artificial Intelligence

The Alliance For Inclusive AI

UC Berkeley AIAI supports a holistic ecosystem to include more women and under-represented minorities in the field of AI to build the unbiased, ethical, and impactful analytics of tomorrow.

WE… run research, create awareness, provide education, offer mentoring, facilitate internships, and connect people with job opportunities.

FOSTER… the inclusion of women and underrepresented minorities in analytics  and AI by developing ecosystems and Communities to integrate learning.

INCLUSIVE… connections with world-class organizations and the vibrant UC Berkeley Ecosystem.

AI… that is powered by diverse teams leads to a balanced, humane, and ethical society

It’s no secret that
Inclusion Is The Future Of AI

The data economy is here and biased data and algorithms will represent a global risk for our organizations and society. And yet … 


of World Population is Women


Potential Workforce Pool of Minorities


of Tech Employees are Women


of the AI Workforce are Women and Minorities

Our F-ACE Program


> Raise funding for scholarships and educational activities

> Recruit world-class AI researchers, industry professionals, and academic laureates

> Provide all-inclusive access to conferences, training, internships, research projects, and job placement


> Develop programs that drive awareness and inclusion

> Connect aiai partners with Fisher Center Fellows and the UC Berkeley network (alumni, centers, students, and faculty)

> Host AI and analytics events


> Offer educational courses in AI and analytics

> Provide access to hands-on learning within AI research projects

> Extend professional training and career coaching


> Connect to distinguished leaders, fellows, and companies in the field of AI

> Facilitate internships, speaking engagements, and job placement

> Provide ongoing mentorship from AI

Why support us?

Inclusion is a two-way street

Support Inclusive AI and Become AI Inclusive

Your donation supports a woman or underrepresented minorities’ AI development journey: Trainees receive education, access to events, mentorship, and career support.

Your donation supports your teams’ AI development journeys and helps them embody inclusion: Your teams receive access to events and training and are directly involved in inclusive workshops.

Why Women and Underrepresented Minorities?

There is a shortage of women and underrepresented minorities in STEM. Today’s challenges are too complex and multifaceted for non-diverse teams. More inclusive groups deliver creative and low-biased AI algorithms. Passing up more than 50% of human brainpower is not only unfair; it is also counterproductive 

Why Build an Educational Ecosystem?

Our society needs structured educational and networking programs that evolve with rapid AI developments. Educators who are actively involved in researching and developing AI technologies are the best resource for students. Building a professional AI educational ecosystem will ensure women and underrepresented minorities are continuously engaged in the future of work and society.

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Instill Diversity and Inclusion

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Who we are

Gauthier G. Vasseur

Executive Director
Fisher Center for Business Analytics
Institute of Business Innovation

Beena Ammanath

Founder and CEO
Humans for AI

The Fisher Center for Business Analytics

The center advances the creation of business value from data science

The center pursues its vision through research, education, and by accelerating the diffusion and adoption of analytics throughout all aspects of business and management.

Its missions are to explore and design new data science applications, support data democratization, and establish the grounds for reasoned, wise and inspired.

Based on UC Berkeley’s values, which fosters thought-leading excellence, the center collaborates with organizations around the world to push new frontiers.

Humans for AI

Inclusive + Diverse + Balanced

Our purpose is to facilitate the equal representation of women in AI.

We empower domain experts with AI skills, literacy, awareness, community, and advocacy.

We believe that gender parity and greater diversity among AI domain experts will lead to increased social alignment, humanization, and a broadening of the AI field.

We recognize AI’s emerging importance for business and society and the clear lack of women in the field.

We believe the next wave of growth and value will be driven by domain experts in the field of AI.

Advisory Board

Robert H. Brown

Vice President
Center for the Future of Work,
Cognizant Technology Solutions

Bindu Garapaty

Gilead Sciences

Wendy M. Pfeiffer


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