Our Goal

Build a Competitive Advantage

Diversity is imperative in Analytics, not somethings nice to have.
The technology and data that feed analytics systems are secondary to the “mindset” that needs to be applied to it. Diversity is the fuel for creativity, innovation, and a well thought out user experience. Diversity drives a true competitive advantage.


Promote Sustainable Digital Transformation

Digital and AI transformation doesn’t happen with the sprinkling of a few data scientists, the infusion of agile methodologies or a broad statement. It must happen across the organization, in depth, and breadth. If women and minorities are excluded from driving the Digital and AI Transformation companies will miss out on this vital knowledge base. If Ethics is not at the core of these development, backlashes and risk increases.


Keep Humanity in Technology

Inclusive AI teams can refine questions, algorithms and processes to reduce bias. They can infuse empathy, compassion and respect to keep “humanity” ethical. Currently, only hard skills are driving the core development and evolution of AI. The AI ecosystem will need to rely on a large network of people and processes to thrive. Diverse soft skills are more critical today than we ever imagined.


Our Approach

Build a Complete Dynamic Ecosystem

Create a Dynamic Ecosystem to propel women and minorities to join data-driven careers.
  • Thought leadership & advocacy
  • Outreach programs
  • Open enrollment seminars and workshops
  • Dedicated training and classes
  • Project participation
  • Research programs
  • Ethics and Policy
  • Internship placement
  • Job recommendation

Alliance Synergies

Our Team

Alliance Presidents

Beena Ammanath
Gauthier Vasseur

Marketing Manager

Taline Felix

Technology and Operations Manager

Beena Ammanath
Gauthier Vasseur

Marketing Assistants

Berkeley Haas Grad Team

International Representation


Our Short Term Needs

Raise $1M dollars to build a lean, repeatable and scalable ecosystem for the first 3 years

Offer scholarships to women and minorities to take analytics classes, training or conferences

Offer scholarships to women or minority-led AI research

Content creation for advocacy and communication

Recruit world class faculty/speakers

Cover T&E to foster direct interaction and personal engagements from anywhere in the US and the world

Run Promotional activities

Provide event catering

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