Our core mission is to inspire and empower women, underrepresented minorities, and people from lower-economic backgrounds to successfully pursue a career and learning journey in Analytics.

The need for Unbiased Algorithms

The lack of diversity in the data science / AI field is reflected in
heavily biased technology, results, and data interpretation that work 

against the interests of many, especially against women and minorities


of World Population is Women


Potential Workforce Pool of Minorities


of Tech Employees are Women


of the AI Workforce are Women and Minorities


run research, create awareness, provide education, offer mentoring, facilitate internships, and connect people with job opportunities.


the inclusion of underrepresented groups in analytics and artificial intelligence by developing ecosystems and communities to integrate learning.


connections with world-class organizations and the vibrant UC Berkeley Ecosystem.


that is powered by diverse teams leads to better algorithms, and a more balanced, humane, and ethical society

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